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Scott's English Success is a complete preparation website for students planning to sit for the IELTS exam
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What Our Students Say
  • "The website is absolutely superb!" — Asif,
    United Arab Emirates 

  • "This is the best method to study to your IELTS exam, trust me!" — Sara, Portugal
  • "It’s time to celebrate!"  — Premkumar,

  • "The day I took the test there were no surprises." — Johann, South Africa
  • "My overall band score was higher than expected!" — Gwen, France
  • "The site is real value for money."
    — Payam, Iran

  • "Terrific, concise, precise and extremely enjoyable." — Laila, Jordan
  • "I am exceptionally pleased in what this course is offering me." — Jacqueline,

  • "It’s the most effective IELTS learning system I’ve ever seen." — Patricia,
    ESL Teacher

  • "Thanks again and more power!"
    — Mylene, Philippines

  • "Totally, I recommend Scott’s for everyone taking this exam." — Sateesh, India
  • "Your system is very clever and easy to understand." — Tomo, Japan
  • "Thank you so much for your kind way of teaching." — Ingunn, Iceland
  • "In my opinion this is the best of the best place to learn IELTS." — Farooq, Pakistan
  • "Thanks a million!" — Cinzia, Italy
  • "My confidence was so great during the exam." — Rudi, USA
  • "I'm so glad I passed the IELTS exam in one take."  — AJ, Philippines
  • "It feels like I am studying in a real class. And you teach exactly what the test is!!"
    Khemwika, Thailand

  • "It's really worth the money invested."
    — Natalie, Russian Federation

  • "I advise any students who want to get a good score in IELTS to take this course."
    — Khalid, Oman

  • "Wow....SES is great!  It's perfect training course for IELTS." — KyeongHee, Korea
  • "Thanks a million Scott, without you I would not have achieved that." — Gladys,

  • "The 7.5 band score of academic IELTS is invaluable to me."  — Arash, Iran
  • "My goals seem closer now.  Thank you so much." — Carlos, Venezuela
  • "It is not only useful but it’s really a great fun as well."  — Syed, Saudi Arabia
  • "You made my dream come true." — Nil,

  • "I could practice in the areas that I am weak. Thanks Scott!" — Yumi, Japan
  • "Without Scott's English Success the exam would not have been that easy". — Sarra,

  • "SES is great for someone like me, mom with two small kids." — Izunia, Poland
  • "The most friendly and flexible site I have ever seen."  — Mohd, Jordan
  • "Thanks Scott. Your website is amazing".
    Shaiza, Pakistan

  • "Thank you for helping me!" — Hanh Minh, Vietnam
  • "I am indeed grateful, Scott’s English website has made my dream come true."
    — Fehintola, Nigeria

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