How Effective Is Online Learning?

Online learning is here to stay and the benefits of preparing for IELTS online are significant. A recent *survey involving several thousand university leaders in the USA pointed out that the number of students studying online has increased dramatically over the past decade. The same report shows that almost 70% of higher learning institutions see online learning as critical to their success. In other words, a majority of universities consider online learning as an important and major part of their university courses.

Some students worry that online learning is not as good as face-to-face learning, they feel that the best way to learn is in a physical classroom with a live teacher. This concern is not supported in the research. The survey pointed out that over 80% of academic leaders in universities consider online learning to be either ‘better’ or ‘as good as’ face-to-face learning.

Taking advantage of the internet as a way to learn is not only growing in popularity, it is also seen by educational leaders as an excellent way to learn. As our testimonials show, Scott’s English Success has proven extremely effective in helping students to prepare online for their IELTS test and a number of students have stated that it is more effective than their previous classroom experience.

*Babson Survey Research Group, 2014.

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Our Students Say...

  • Nicoletta scores 8.0!
    Genuine Testimonial

    I managed to easily complete all the exam, scoring an amazing 8.0! (Listening 8.5, Reading 9, Writing 7, Speaking 7.5) that granted me access to my Master's degree! I really have to thank Scott's English Success for this!
    — Nicoletta, Italy