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Our Students

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QazafiQazafi, United Arab Emirates

"Twice I went through your all lessons and took few practice tests. And today I got my results which is a band score of 6.5, and this much was required for me to apply for immigration. Thanks a lot once again because the study material available at your website is really very helpful and the most impressive is Resource Library. In future I will recommend your website to a lot of my friends and I am sure it will be very helpful for them also.
Thanks. Qazafi, UAE

HaydeeHaydee, Philippines

"This is actually my second time taking the IELTS. I was just self-reviewing the first time and got a total band score of 6.5 and my speaking was also 6.5. So I had to retake because they require a band score for speaking of 7. I felt down when I got the result and decided to either enrol for a class or online review. So as I was searching online I saw your website and read all the testimonials of your students. I was moved by them and never had second thought. I knew right away that Scott's English Success will make every student successful! I enjoyed reviewing online and never felt bored. I was really motivated and your classroom was of great help. I will definitely recommend your website to my family and friends who are planning to take IELTS.

My scores: listening 7.5, reading 6.0, writing 7.0, speaking 7.0. Overall band score 7. I just would like to let you know that I was really happy the moment I opened my (IELTS test results) envelop and saw my scores! I cried and jumped for joy!

Thanks Scott's English success, you're one of the factors of my fulfillment!!! Haydee, Philippines

KureshKuresh, India

"Dear Scott,

Its been a great pleasure writing to you second time. With your help I am able to achieve higher band than required. The most important quality of your website is that your team can give an
actual atmosphere like the IELTS test day. Any test taker who diligently applies your studies is sure to achieve his goal. In my opinion blending of theory with practicals is most important your extensive knowledge about the smallest details regarding IELTS is the key to success. There are umpteen number of test materials in the market but your website excels all of them.
I required 6 bands in all modules, but with your website I was able to achieve L=6.5,R=6,W-6.5,S=8 bands with an overall 7. Last but not the least hats-off to excellent work and thanks
to you. I shall always recommend your studies to any IELTS test taker in future.
Best Regards, Kuresh, India

TaliaTalia, Israel

"I had used the Scott's program and was extremely (!!!) satisfied. I have to admit that it was not only helpful but also very enjoyable and was just above any kind of expectation I had from it and from on-line teaching in general. The program is unbelievably efficient. Just perfect! Thank you, Scott. Talia, Israel

RustamRustam, Kazakhstan

"Dear Scott's English success,

I am so happy, I have just received my IELTS results! It was really impressive for me, overall band score 6.5! On the previous exam my weakest sections were Reading and Writing, 5.0 and 5.5 respectively. Only through your website I have performed both of them to 6.5, so now I have 6.5 for each section! Thank you! Hope you post my photo on your website as a student from Kazakhstan!

Your faithfully, Rustam, Kazakhstan

NicolettaNicoletta, Italy

"I only had a short amount of time to study (about 2 weeks) but searching the Internet I came past "Scott's English Success" website. I took a look, I liked it and I decided to subscribe. That was the soundest decision I could make! I greatly enjoyed studying for the IELTS using Scott's English success material and I really found it most helpful! Thanks to all the useful techniques and priceless advice I managed to easily complete all the exam, scoring an amazing 8.0! (Listening 8.5, Reading 9, Writing 7, Speaking 7.5) that granted me access to my Master's degree! I really have to thank Scott's English Success for this! Nicoletta, Italy

Dr. PeterDr. Peter, Germany

"Dear Scott's team,

The days of anxiously waiting are over. Today I've got my IELTS result from my test 2 weeks ago. I spent pretty much time for preparation as I didn't want to run the risk for a failure. I was considerably frustrated at the beginning of my preparation as my score was something around 6. No way to get into a position as GP in down under. I bought some exercise books but still didn't get a real strategy for passing the test under the given time pressure.

On my way through the Internet I found the web site of you guys and signed in right away. What I found were a lot of precious tools for improving my performance. All the examples provided enough opportunities to exercise what I learned in your lessons. I studied hard and I could see ... yes, this is really working! Even my weak part the reading got better and better. As I'm not a fast reader I had a hard time at the beginning but with your tools it was much easier at the end.

So, today I could see that Scott's really works. My overall band score was an 8 (8.5/7.5/7.5/9). What more could I expect? Now I'm looking forward to a blissful time where I again can do my work in a way I always loved to, away from all these burdening restrictions we increasingly have to face in Germany. This door was opened by getting this great score in the IELTS and this of course is also based on your training methods.

So let me send my 'thank you' from the other side of the world to Queensland where I'm just looking forward to be soon as our favorite destination in Australia.

Best regards!
Dr. Peter, Germany

SilpaSilpa, India

"Your training is of course the key to IELTS Success. I only concentrated on your course and few practice papers, strictly following the key points mentioned in the course.

My initial scores were between 6 and 7. But jumped to 8 or 9 after lot of practice. The key is practice and your website has loads of them available.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with how the website is organized, its key points for each module and the variety of practice sessions available. Excellent Scott!!

Silpa, India

CelestineCelestine, Nigeria

"Two weeks to the IELTS examination, I was still struggling with my shabby preparations for the exam. I was lucky however, when a friend introduced me to scottsenglish website just two weeks before the examination. I enrolled in the lessons and overnight my confidence was boosted, my preparation more focused, and my readiness greatly assured. I eventually made a total band score of 7.5 (speaking 7.0, reading 7.0, listening 7.5, writing 8.5). Actually, it was the writing part that surprised me most, since it was my most difficult part and consumed greater time in preparation period. I told my friend, who is due to take the exam in October, that I had only two weeks to work with Scott's and I got 7.5 score, thanks to Scott's English. If he takes two months with Scott's English Success, then I expect the maximum IELTS score. Celestine, Nigeria

WenWen, United Kingdom

"Hi there
As a native English speaker, I really shouldn't have had a problem but as I'm terrified of exams this certainly is!
I crammed the Scott's course for a week before the exam and I can honestly say if I hadn't have undertaken the course I'd have struggled in the exams.

The skills I've learnt would have come in very useful for my BA (Hons) if only I'd done this course earlier. Being prepared really gave me the edge. I got 8.5 overall and feel I'd have done better with a bit more practice! Suffice to say I passed well and wish all IELTS students all the best.

Kind Regards, Wen (United Kingdom)

BenaiahBenaiah, Indonesia

"I highly value the knowledge in SES, not only for preparing IELTS test, but I also believed that those lessons can be applied in more wide applications, such as preparing your academic readiness. Every part of your SES material are essential (the classroom, the practise lab, the resource lab, and webcast), therefore the most difficult thing to overcome if you got the SES next to you, is only the discipline. If you can overcome your laziness, your habit to procrastinate, your study with SES will bring you the success that you need. Once again, a million thanks to Scott and the Team. Best Regards, Benaiah, Indonesia

MiyukiMiyuki, Japan

"My name is Miyuki. I am from Japan. I am very pleased to tell you that I have got 7.0 in all four sections in the IELTS. I struggled with my poor English writing skill for over 3 months until I found Scott's English Success. With the SES, I could easily improve my writing skill because of detailed explanations and excellent sample essays, leading me to achieve 7.0 in all sections. Soon, I will start working as a nurse in Australia, and I am hoping to specialise in medical imaging in the future.

Because I achieved 7.0 in the IELTS, I now have a little time to enjoy reading, which is my hobby. I know this is an option, but I am very delighted about this, and this is also because of the SES. Without the SES, my success was nearly impossible, and my life would be a different one. Thank you so much for your great help.

Thank you again Scott:-)
Miyuki, Japan

DiogoDiogo, Brazil

"Hi Scott!

My name is Diogo. When I decided to take the IELTS exam, only had two weeks to study for it. Then, I decided that Scott's English Success would be my only source of study, and dove myself into 15 hard-working days. Every single morning I woke up a little earlier and did a Scott's test, hoping that this would be enough for me.

And IT WAS! I got L=9, R=8.5, W=6.5 S=6.5. I am pleased to say that, without your help, I wouldn't have taken theses grades, so I can really state that it was TOTALLY WORTHY!

I did every Scott's test only one time, and, when the real listening and reading exam ended, I thought to myself: "Man, that was PIECE OF CAKE!", and this only happened because I was fully trained, thanks to Scott's English Success. Keep the good work going, guys. You've really helped me a lot! Abraços, e obrigado!!!
Diogo, Brazil

UnikUnik, Indonesia

"When I entered Scott's site and saw those 4 sections, I tried to evaluate my self which section I should go first. I usually very lack in understanding a fast native speaking, so i went to listening first. This section was the most I visited, both to the class room and the exercise so no wonder, the highest score goes to this section, 7.5. In fact, I didn't have much time to study since I work 6 days in a week. I couldn't do all the exercises for listening but indeed I applied your suggestion in managing the time! I also couldn't finish all exercises in Reading section since I had very limited time, in 3 days before the test!. Sometimes I just open Scott's site but could not do anything, though I printed many materials from your site so that I can study at home, still I was very less focus to study harder. But indeed i carefully tried to have in depth understanding of explanation given in the class room! While listening, i noted down important messages and applied while having exercise! It was work out. I could assume that if i had had enough time and focused more for the preparation, i can do much better than 7! Unik, Indonesia

HasanHasan, Iraq

"When arrived to UK I searched for weeks for tangible teaching resource that provides both skills development and knowledge till I found the Scott's English Success website. The creative idea of such interactive resource for IELTS and online access is more than brilliant; I want to congratulate you and myself for the correct choice and approach of depending on invaluable information that can be found within your site. It's also important to emphasize that Scott's English Success website provide guidance for teaching personal determination and commitment which are important to achieve required IELTS band. Anyone can access his/her Scott's English Success classroom from any spot in the globe, this is really awesome. Hasan, Iraq

AlexeyAlexey, Russia

"Hi Scott,
I am writing to thank you for your great site and your wonderful lessons. I am from Astrakhan, Russia. I've been studying English for about 3 years and my level is somewhere about Upper-Intermediate.
I had not enough time to prepare for IELTS and, despite the fact that I bought a 2-month access to your site, I could only use it for a five days before the exam.

Anyway, using your methods for LISTENING and READING, I've passed IELTS GENERAL in one take and got an overall band 7! The all bands are following: L=7, R=8, W=6, S=6.5. It's a great success for a man who does not
live in English speaking country and cannot use spoken and written English every day. I will recommend your site to all my friends! Thank your for your time.

Your sincerely,
Alexey, Russia

AnshulAnshul, India

"I am really thankful to the team of Scott's English Success. This is the most comprehensive and best IELTS preparing site on the web. With your help I achieved a score of 7.5 overall. I was really scared in writing but your techniques and methodologies helped me in getting 8 in writing. Also the advantage is that you don't even need an IELTS preparation book. It is as good as classroom coaching. All the best to you. Anshul, Jammu, India

All of the testimonials used on our site are genuine, and used by permisson.

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"Scott's English Success will make succeeding in the IELTS test so much easier… This website is based on years of research and real teaching experience. It has to be one of the most practical tools available for improving IELTS scores available today. I highly recommend that every student wanting to achieve better scores in the IELTS test use this site.”
Paul, ESL instructor and trainer [M Ed., B Ed., Dip. Teach., Prep Cert. TESOL]

"I encourage all students, especially those who are preparing for the IELTS test to enrol in Scott's English Success. It is prepared by professional IELTS teachers. The practice tests are similar to real IELTS tests. It includes effective learning tools to guide students enhance their language skills to get a higher Band Score…and its fun too! "
Gabi, IELTS instructor [B Ed.] Australia

"Congratulations Scott! You have really made an incomparable job... Really, the ideas in your speaking and listening lessons are excellent and will lead students to success.”
Fahrid, University Lecturer, Bangladesh

"The distinctive delivery and detailed explanations in this multimedia course makes the simulated classroom experience exciting and unique. The techniques are easy to follow and apply. Learning and using these will surely lead to a higher Band Score. The web broadcasts give thorough and up-to-date information relevant to the IELTS test. The practice tests are like the latest version of the real IELTS test. It's the most effectual IELTS learning system I've ever seen. I am pleased to recommend this website to all IELTS students.”
Patricia, ESL Teacher

"Dear Scott, I salute you!!! I salute your greatness, your intellect, and your kindness to the world by putting all the efforts in forming the course. In my opinion this is the best of the best place and medium to learn IELTS. My whole family is thankful to you for your extreme efforts. God bless you and your family always.
With lots of kind regards, your student,
Farooq, Pakistan

"I got my 6.5 score on IELTS Academic... so now I can fly away to study Master of Fine Arts in U.K. Thank you sooo much for your kind way of teaching. Even if I only had one month of preparation + your good advice for the last week I made it! Have a good life!”
Ingunn, Iceland

"I just want to let you know that I passed my IELTS. I got an overall band score of 7.5 with 8 in speaking, 8 in writing, 7 in listening and 6 in reading. The latter was my greatest challenge but by God's grace and your classroom lessons I managed to get the above grade. Thanks a million Scott, without you I would not have achieved that."
Gladys, Kenya

"When I entered Scott's site and saw those 4 sections, I tried to evaluate my self which section I should go first. I usually very lack in understanding a fast native speaking, so I went to listening first. This section was the most I visited, both to the Classroom and the Practice Lab so no wonder, the highest score goes to this section -7.5. In fact, I didn't have much time to study since I work 6 days in a week. I couldn't do all the exercises for listening but indeed I applied your suggestions in managing the time! I assume that if I had had enough time and focused more for the preparation, I could do much better than 7! "
Unik, Indonesia

"A big thank you to Scott's English. After utilising your website for two months I managed to score 9 for Listening, 9 for Reading, 7.5 for Writing and 7.5 for Speaking on the IELTS test. The day I took the test there were no surprises, as Scott's English prepared me for what to expect. This allowed me to relax and remain focused, hence scoring an 8.5 average on the General Training test. Thanks again, it was money well spent.”
Johann, South Africa

"The writing lesson for Writing Task 2 was very clear and helpful. I feel much more confident in approaching Task 2. Your system is very clever and easy to understand.”
Tomo, Japan

"I have scored an overall of 8 with a 9 in reading, which I feared would be the most difficult of the lot.... The online lessons actually made me wish our education system itself took a leaf or two on imparting lessons. The thorough and in-depth information on the formats and preparing the students for a worse-case scenario is an unbeatable strategy. The whole exam felt wonderful just knowing that I was prepared and had in put in a lot of effort. Just a one month dose of Scott's English had me prepared to face IELTS with a confidence that would surely be missing otherwise. Thank you Scott's English and best wishes to all the students out there, you can never go wrong with Scott's English!”
Tina, Kuwait

"Using Scott's English system, I was able to raise my score on the IELTS test by ONE WHOLE Band Score! Scott helped me to gain a fantastic result! I definitely recommend Scott's English Success!"
Yasuko, Japan.

"I must say this is something really like taking the pains of students those who want to prepare for IELTS and providing them all the gains through audio, visual and presentation based techniques. I personally have never seen such an extraordinary product with almost no price. Keep it up Scott...may God bless you.”
Sat, India

"I must say, it was a unique method of was an easy, step by step summarized version of IELTS that I had the honour of experiencing. All of the lessons get a thumbs-up from me! The Practice Lab was a jack pot! I have never landed on that much material that was worth doing…it was all invaluable. When you do one paper it feels like as if you were gaining the knowledge of thousands.”
Mariyam, Maldives

"This is an epic-making site. I am sure that all students will enjoy studying this way. It is very interesting way to learn, I've never seen anything Scott's English Success before. This site was very helpful for IELTS preparation.”
Tom, Japan

"I am pleased to inform you that I have succeeded in getting high band score in IELTS…Listening 7.5,Reading 6.5,Writing 7,Speaking 7 and Overall 7. I could improve my band score in Reading and in Listening by 1 Band Score. Your invaluable tips for the test and teaching lessons helped me a lot. Today I achieved which I could not in my last 4 attempts of IELTS. I am a doctor and I desperately needed 7 score which I got with your help. I would like to thank you, your website and your whole team for their great help and fantastic support. Thank you once again.”
Dr. Keerti, India

"I didn't believe that something like Scott's site could exist on the internet and that I could practice and improve in all my weak areas of the IELTS test. If you follow Scott's instructions, after a short time, you will realise that your ability and confidence is growing for the test."
Vesna, Bosnia

"I purchased the service in September and before I used your service, my IELTS result is 5.5 and the second time I took part in the IELTS test(after using your service) my result is 6.0 thanks to you!”
Celine, Malaysia

"I would like to thank you very much for your instruction...I have been studying English with you for about one month, and I have to confess that it was really great. The method of teaching, the method of practice tests, and especially the method of classroom information that you provided was marvelous! Of course, another advantage is the site is real value for money.”
Payam, Iran

"I have learned in the classroom but, it is so boring that you can not imagine...your course is excellent for all the ages... is entertaining and easier than classroom learning particularly if you are working all day. I do SES at night when I finish at the hospital...”
Dr. Veronica, Uruguay