What can I expect on the IELTS test day?

The IELTS test will take most of the day, so make sure you are mentally and physically ready.  You should arrive early to allow enough time for registration and to be seated for the test. If you arrive late, you may not be allowed to sit the test.  No personal items may be taken into the test room. IELTS staff will collect and safely store your personal belongings. Items which are forbidden in the test room include: dictionaries, notes, cameras, mobile phones, hand-held computers, books and wallets.

When you arrive on test day, an IELTS staff member will check your identification (ID). You are not permitted to speak to any other candidates.  On your desk, you are only allowed to have your identification, pens/pencils, an eraser and a bottle of drink in a transparent bottle. If you have a problem (for example, you may have been given the wrong paper or you cannot hear the instructions) you should speak to a supervisor.  IELTS staff will not help you with any of the questions!

You cannot leave your seat until your papers have been collected and you have been told to leave. If you finish the test early you must wait quietly until the test is finished and you are advised that you can leave. You must leave any notes and materials on the desk.  Make sure you collect your belongings. You will be able to see your results 13 calendar days after the test.  Your results are available online, you can collect your certificate in person or have it posted to you.

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